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September 22, 2011 / Linda Hartong


I am determined to share “A Great Place”with you.

I have visited several times, only to find the shop closed.

I open the gate to the courtyard it shares with The Tuck Box

and admire the facade with its steeply pitched roof.

Louis Anderson built it in April 1929 for P.J.Lemos who used it as a Garden Shop.

I march up the front steps but the dutch door is closed and locked.

While I cool my heels ,I look up at this wonderful art work beneath the eves.

I am snapping shots of the sign

and the porch light

when I see that someone else is waiting for the shop to open.

I note the carving in the windowsill

and the rabbits by the door.

My pal looks up

and directs my camera to the round name plate on the front.

Finally I ask next door at the Tuck Box. They tell me the shop is open on Wednesday – Sunday at 10:30.

I am back at 10:30 and the owner, busy at his computer, gives me permission to photograph the shop.

He grills me on what I know about it and I give all the wrong answers , much to his disgust. I still think this is a Comstock creation until I later refer to Joanne Mathewson’s book.

I climb the stairs to the second floor-

a treasure trove of miscellaneous items. Towels hang from the pitched ceiling .

Light pours in the window curtained in lace.

I love the banisters with the rustic wooden dowels.

Once again downstairs, I am drawn to this window in the back of the shop that overlooks the enchanted garden.


I exit the back

and walk down the garden path to get some shots of the rear.

Birdhouses, garden stakes, trellis, fairy cottages and  bird baths clamor for my attention.

I have been looking for a bird house.

The wind sings a little song in the wind chimes reminding me I am joining  Bill for lunch in a few minutes so I am back into the shop and reluctantly on my way.

The shop has a lovely website and you can order on-line.

The site announces:

We specialize in bringing you the finest in unique home and garden décor. Our courtyard is shared with the famous Tuck Box Tea Room, one of the most photographed, painted and well-known Comstock buildings in Carmel. 

Exquisite Decor   for Your Home and Garden from a great place in …a great place Home Page


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  1. theoldhardware / Sep 22 2011 4:02 pm

    very cool.

  2. Annie Westlake / Sep 22 2011 6:12 pm

    I never miss this shop when in Carmel. Hope to be shopping there next month! Off the Wall is another favorite. Wait a minute — everything in Carmel is a treasure waiting to be discovered!

  3. Teresa O / Sep 23 2011 8:03 pm

    Oh my goodness…what an enchanting place and what marvelous photos.

  4. Cyndia / Sep 27 2011 3:33 am

    I discovered this shop last year when visiting my daughter in Monterey. It was a fantasy come true, but then isn’t just about everything in Carmel?

  5. Sonia / Oct 16 2011 11:52 pm

    I love this shop!! I visit every time we go. I was there with my husband and they would not let us take any pictures 😦 So how nice to see this wonderful place again. We love eating at the Tuck Box house too…love all your photographs! I did buy a print of the building and it’s one of my favorite pieces!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Rita J Archie / Jun 15 2017 4:40 pm

    The pictures were wonderful.I hope to visit there someday, Ive been to Carmel but not to the shop. Loved it ! Thanks.

    • Mike / Jul 31 2017 12:40 am

      Sadly, A Great Place Home & Garden is no longer having been closed in spring of 2014. The building is a Hugh Comstock built in 1929 and was Carmel’s first garden shop. Since it’s closure it has been occupied by a winery biz for “tastings”, a dress shop, a chocolate spa and most recently a pilates studio. Very little remains of the once enchanting garden.Bereft of the colorful foliage, garden art and fountains and with the huge old oak severely cut back and the pond filled in it is mostly unrecognizable to those who visited in it’s heyday.

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