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The California Poppy

I am no longer doing my weekly blog posts but still have a cache of photos of Carmel that I would love to share with you. So I will be posting some of them with short explanations.  So here goes……

I love the California Poppy, declared the state flower in 1903. Its colors are bold, foliage ferny and it has medicinal value. Drought tolerant, it thrives in sandy soil and blooms from February through September making it a welcome sight to my color-starved midwestern eyes this time of year. 

I am posting several of my favorite photos of this flower.

To quote John Thomas Howell the author of “Marin Flora,” “No poet has yet sung the full beauty of our poppy. No painter has successfully portrayed the satiny sheen of its lustrous petals. In its abundance, this colorful plant should not be slighted: cherish it and be ever thankful that so rare a flower is common.”

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