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September 2, 2012 / Linda Hartong


When we first look for a home in Carmel, the realtor shows us what is in our price range but also takes us to see several homes built by master-builder Fred Slabaugh. 

His homes have exquisite craftsmanship. We love Jay’s Nest in particular, although it is way out of our reach. Slabaugh builds this home in 1989 in the Country English Style.

This August, I walk by the house again to admire. I see that it is for sale and take a listing sheet- the listing agent is Jo-Ann Ruffolo of Coldwell Banker.

I call to ask about photos and she informs me the house and garden have just been renovated by a Carmel designer I admire very much , Linda Floyd.

Linda allowed me to photograph her garden at Biddlestone .  Follow this link for Linda’s garden.  


Jo Ann invites me to tour and photograph the garden at Jay’s Nest. Of course, I accept.

I notice subtle touches at once. Stepping stones have been set in the pea gravel and plantings of boxwood and Impatiens draw the eye to the front door.

I admire the pocket planter on the gate 

And the vines twining over the  arbor.

Yes, there is the Slabaugh quality right at the front door. The beautiful stonework  porch has a bench and pots of flowers.

I ring the bell, just to make sure no one is home, step off the porch and glance to the east. A small path leads to the driveway.

I decide to head west on the meandering stone path toward a small gate.

Copper lights and informal plantings of cranesbill and foxglove line the path

Bougainvillea is starting to climb the stone wall.

I push open the gate and follow the beckoning curve of the path

Giving a backward glance

As in Biddlestone Garden, the breathtaking patio appears as I round a corner.

Soft pink and white plantings and cushioned furniture compliment the lovely color of the stucco.

I step to the upper patio

It takes me a minute to really see the message.

What a clever way to design a wine cellar.

More soft colors and furnishings

The chair armrests are quite distinctive.

From this vantage point I have a nice view of the glass-topped table.

I retrace my steps , noting the lush canopy of oaks and other trees.

Back again at the bench, this planter of blue lobelia and petunias catches my eye.

As I leave the property , I notice that even the cobblestone driveway has special touches such as the groundcover planted between the cobbles,

Pots that hide service areas

And adorn gates.

Linda has redone the interior and it is lovely. I will rely on the photos that Jo Ann has provided on her website to show you the living room

And dining room which features one of the five fireplaces in the home and the reclaimed 19th century walnut floors.

The kitchen has a European flair with its custom 19th century antique cabinets.

The half bath is quite elegant.

The cottage has three bedrooms

and two full baths.

Plus all the lovely details that are hallmarks of Linda Floyd’s designs

Jo-Ann Fantino Ruffolo, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Northern …

List Price  $3,995,000


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  1. Inspired and pretty / Sep 4 2012 2:37 pm

    Oh my goodness….this house is wonderful ! Why don’t I have $3,995,000 in my bank account !
    I love the faucets in the baths and I love the cabinets in the kitchen. Well…I love almost everything in this house. Your flowers photos are beautiful !

  2. Ruth / Sep 6 2012 8:05 pm

    I love this cottage! Wish I had the $$$$ to pay for it! Thanks for the lovely tour! I love all your tours of Carmel……

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