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September 18, 2011 / Linda Hartong


One of our top 10 “Things To Do In Carmel” is our evening walk along Carmel Beach.

On this August evening, the beach is the place to be.

When we ask our Kansas City dogs if they want to “go to the beach”, we get little response.

“Beach” is not part of their vocabulary.

But ask a Carmel dog this same question and you get an enthusiastic response. Ears up, tail wagging, they all but drag their owners out. Tonight is no exception.

This great walking path runs along Scenic Dr.

We almost give ourselves whiplash looking west toward the beach and then east at the beautiful homes on the other side of Scenic.

Joggers take their evening run.

Still others take some moments to play the guitar or meditate.

I turn toward the homes and see couples enjoying the view from their balcony. I “zoom in” with my camera , wave and get some friendly grins and a wave back.

  I turn my attention back to the beach.

A young woman gathers birds around her as she feeds them.

Volley ball is in progress.

Carmel allows bonfires , food, and drink on the beach at certain locations. We see picnics galore

and the Heineken flows freely.

I am alway amazed by all the paraphernalia people are willing to carry down  those stairs to the beach. This couple brings down a barbecue. Boy that hot dog looks good. ( I just love my zoom lens.)

One young family has constructed a pirate ship

and the children are photographed beneath the “Jolly Roger”.

This is “Car Week” in Carmel and someone is throwing an elaborate catered event complete with white tablecloths,

full bar

and tents.

The beach is a great place to create happy moments.

A wedding is taking place.

The bride poses with her friend for a photo.

It is also a place to remember sad events.

We see a memorial to Ryan and Alex . It reminds us that life is short and needs to be celebrated in all its present moments.

Nightfall with its sunset is coming. A lone gull watches from his perfect perch.

A couple fix their gaze on the horizon

as the sun sinks slowly into the sea.

It is time to gather up all those belongings, sleepy children and wet dogs and carry them up to the waiting cars or warm cottages.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

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  1. kathysue / Sep 18 2011 4:13 pm

    Aaaah! Yes, we love to sit here and watch the sunset before getting on the road towards home, it makes for a perfect day!! xo Kathysue

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