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October 19, 2013 / Linda Hartong


Log Haven sits back from 8th Ave. Behind a grape-stake fence . Its setting is informal and heavily planted. Mature shrubs and trees surround it.


Its official name is Dr. Lane’s Log House. It is one of the half-dozen log cabins remaining in Carmel. These were built mainly as vacation homes and meant to blend in with Carmel’s wooded setting.

The first record of this cabin is in 1907. In 1912, photos emerge showing the two-story wing to the south.


The cabin sits on a larger parcel of land and between 1931 and 1944 , four more residences are built.

The cabin is first owned by a Stanford physician, Dr. Levi Cooper Lane

Dr. Sandford

and Dr. Virginia Wickliffe Smiley.

Ida Johnson, Carmel’s first librarian, also lived in the house at some time.

Ida Johnson

It was in the early 40’s that LaFrenz subdivided and developed them commercially as La Playa’s Cottages by the Sea. – Kent Seavey

They are still a part of La Playa when I first discover them. When La Playa puts the cottages up for sale, a local couple, Farid and Cheryl Assemi buys them. Cheryl has admired them for a long time. “After looking at them for so long, finally getting to go through them, I feel a little bit like Goldilocks,” Assemi observed. “And I decided I really like being an innkeeper”.–The Carmel Pine Cone, November 2011

The front door opens off a large stone patio.

Log Haven

The patio has changed under Cheryl ownership and the iron furniture

Log Haven

Has been replaced by wicker. I love the look

Log Haven


The plantings are thriving under her supervision



The main level has this comfortable looking living room ( love that dutch door)

Log Haven

Log Haven

Formal Dining room. Look at the stairs and coffered beam ceiling

Log Haven


Log Haven


Log Haven

And King bedrooms

Log Haven

And full bath. It is so well done with the pedestal sink and the cute little marble-topped dressing table.

Log Haven

On to my favorite room. The kitchen done in vintage style.

Log Haven

Those dreamy appliances can be found at Home | Big Chill: Modern Made Classics 

Log Haven

and I love the checkerboard tile. I had that tile in my first little cape cod kitchen along with pink cabinets!

Log Haven

The upstairs has a bedroom with a king sized bed and a twin tucked cozily under the rafters

Log Haven

Log Haven

A full bath

Log Haven

And a second living room . Look at all that built-in storage.

Log Haven

All interior photos are from the website Carmel Cottage Inn: Log Haven

What a wonderful job the Assemis are doing. How lucky that these little cottages fall into such loving hands.


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  1. lynn momboisse / Oct 20 2013 1:07 am

    Wonderful post LInda – I love this set of cottages, Cheryl and family have done a wonderful job renovating them and restoring them. They were open to the public last year during the Inns of Distinction and this year at the Historical House Tour,

  2. House Crazy Sarah / Oct 20 2013 1:37 am

    Amazing Linda – I love everything about this house, right down to the knobs! Keep ’em coming! I may have to come Carmel very soon!!

  3. Jo-Ann Fantino Ruffolo / Oct 20 2013 1:56 am

    Oh LInda, this was a trip down memory lane! My brother brought his new bride to Home Port for their honeymoon in the mid-1960s.. My husband and I stayed at the cottages, twice yearly, during the mid-1960s through the 1970 or possibly as late as early 1980s. Our favorites were Home Port, Moon Gate and Skyway. While seeing the bulky, dark furnishings, particularly in Skyway was a shocking change from the chintz and prints of yore, the kitchens, baths and living rooms with their wonderful cupboards and wooden walls ring true.

    During our many years at the Cottages we were welcomed by Elsa, the formidable German housekeeper. Dirt and disarray were her mortal enemies; she was amazing. Over the years she grew to know “my people” and greeted them with special flower arrangements from the gardens, notes of special things to do based on previous conversations and, on really special occasions, freshly baked bear claws that she would pick up at a local bakery.

    La Frenz owned the cottages for many years; only after his death did La Playa purchase them. I am so glad to see them in the loving hands of private innkeepers again. They are a special refuge in our special village by the sea.

  4. Betty / Oct 22 2013 7:28 am

    This looks so comfortable and cosy. How lovely to stay there for a few days. I love the bright splashes of colour of the pelargoniums and begonia beside the steps.

  5. Marianne L / Oct 24 2013 5:30 pm

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful place. I love the appliances! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Inspired and pretty / Oct 28 2013 9:12 pm

    What a beautiful home ! How I love the decoration and the soft green and creams on the walls. It is a really wonderful home. I so love it when you have photos inside the homes ! 🙂

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