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June 12, 2012 / Linda Hartong


It is June 2011 and I am on a mission to find and photograph Hugh Comstock’s Fairytale Cottages.

I find the Comstock “Historic District” quite by accident and see 7 homes in one morning. My cup runneth over.

Up Santa Fe, I see what appears to be another Comstock and stroll up.

Boy, that sure looks like the hand-carved trim on a Comstock. And that nifty Carmel stone chimney. 

I catch a peek of the front porch  and go on around.

This house opens to the side ( again like many Comstocks) and sits up on a terraced lot. 

I love the whimsical touches the owner has added

And the small front garden.

 I call City Hall from Kansas City and they tell me that Mr. Browne bought this lot in 1926.

They still do not have time to find the builder. But “you know who” was building his homes right down the street at this same time.

Then in February 2012, the house goes on the market and Karen, one of my readers , writes  “Just noticed this house is for sale and there are some interior pictures on So cute! They have it listed as a Comstock. Interesting!”

How convenient that I am again in Carmel. I go by to pick up a listing sheet. The house has already sold in a bidding war that brought over the “ask”. The new owners are touring with the realtor and invite me to tag along.

This room was once the living, dining and kitchen

This window is in the study- once the cottage bedroom

And this bath has been remodeled.

A major remodel drawn by Robert Walker occurs in 1986

 We climb the circular stair case

to see two new bedrooms

And bath

With this fabulous view

A new kitchen is below.

Back at City Hall, I pull the papers once more and discover how the original, modest floor plan evolved.

City Historian, Kent Seavey, visits and proclaims it to be a  Comstock. 

Hooray! Another sweet little treasure now sure to be saved from demolition.

The new owners are preservationists and are thrilled.


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  1. Lynn / Jun 13 2012 12:08 am

    This house is just up the street from us – we are all moved into The Rectangle in the middle of Comstockville. Met two Comstock neighbors – Debra and John in what used to be “The Honeymoon” and Pat in the one next door. As always I love your pictures and the peeks inside these quaint homes – blessings, Lynn

  2. Jonni / Jun 13 2012 12:20 am

    Of course it’s built by Hugh Comstock, T.M. Browne was his father in law! What a lovely find. I adore your blog.

  3. House Crazy Sarah / Jun 13 2012 1:24 am

    wow! amazing! good legwork & research! great photos – more pinterest fuel!!

  4. Mara LindstromMara / Jun 13 2012 3:49 pm

    Could you give me the cross-streets for the Comstock “historic district”? I’m enjoying your blog very much. I live in Santa Cruz and Carmel is my “escape to another paradise” place.

  5. Mara Lindstrom / Jun 13 2012 3:53 pm

    What are the cross streets for Comstockville? I’m enjoying your blog very much. I live in Santa Cruz and I go to Carmel when I need a get-away for the day.

  6. bev conrad / Jun 13 2012 10:28 pm

    Wonderful sleuthing Linda! If you find another cottage for sale, please let me know; my friend wants to buy one and they seldom come up. Thanks, Bev Conrad

  7. tammy j / Jun 24 2012 5:49 pm

    do you ever tire of hearing… ” i love your blog?”
    because i do.
    whenever there’s a new post it’s a little like birthday and christmas morning put together…
    only better!

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