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March 27, 2017 / Linda Hartong

The Elegant Calla Lilly

The calla lily is one of the most recognized flowers in cultivation. There are many colors of calla lily, but the white is one of the most used and part of wedding celebrations due to its association with holiness, faith and purity. In Kansas City they can cost up to $10.00 a stem

Carmel 2009 268ready for flickr

So imagine my delight to see them growing wild in Carmel.
The first one I saw was in my own yard in a very inhospitable spot. Then I started to see them popping up along the street like weeds.

Calla Lilly

Calla lilies don’t drop petals like many other plants when their flowers are done blooming. Once the calla flower begins to die, it rolls up into a tube, often turning green on the outside.

Calla Lilly

One day as we were talking with our friend, Melissa Fletscher, she showed us a photo she had taken of a field of wild calla lilies in Garrapata State Park in Big Sur. She gets amazing photos with her phone.

The park has two miles of beach front, with coastal hiking and a 50-foot climb to a beautiful view of the Pacific.
Bill and I hiked there one day but did not get down to the trail near the parking at gate l8. This trail leads down to the beach near Doud Creek where the lilies bloom.

The park offers diverse coastal vegetation with trails running from ocean beaches into dense redwood groves. The park also features outstanding coastal headlands at Soberanes Point.

This is the area we hiked.



Sea lions, harbor seals and sea otters frequent the coastal waters and California gray whales pass close by during their yearly migration.Trails and stairs were introduced in this valley to protect these wild flowers and lilies but visitors oftentimes trample over them especially on weekends.

We are getting ready for a trip to Carmel next week and this is the time the lilies bloom.

If you would like to see some wonderful photos of Garrapata State Park. Follow this link to David Gunbernick’s site.



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  1. Carol / Mar 27 2017 9:34 pm


  2. cutnannee / Mar 27 2017 9:36 pm

    Linda, it’s so good to see you have picked up your blog again! No matter how often or how seldom you write, I always find it so enjoyable! My brothers and I were there in Novembe and we stayed in Cypress House again! What a wonderful home it is!. I always keep my eye peeled in case I see you on your strolls!
    I am in the process of leaving the home my family moved into in Tulsa in 1955, then I got when my father died in 1991. We are moving to Lenexa to be near our daughter and grandchildren!
    Have a wonderful trip! How could you not?
    Ann Robertson Armstrong

  3. Ana Maria / Mar 27 2017 9:43 pm

    I’ve only seen Calla Lilies growing wild in the northern provinces of Spain , mainly in Galicia. It is an amazing sight to behold. Your photos are amazing!

  4. / Mar 27 2017 10:26 pm

    Neither one of us have ever seen that many at Garrapata, or anywhere else in that number here. Truly gorgeous! We’ve got some “wild” ones growing in between homes here in Pebble Beach, but truly nothing in the numbers that are shown down the coast. This is amazing. Whenever you get here, glad you’re back (at least for a while)! MMR >

  5. Cytree Budde / Mar 27 2017 11:21 pm

    So many beautiful sites in Calif. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. GGFlorida / Mar 27 2017 11:36 pm

    Linda, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! I had no idea these lilies grew in such abundance in one place. Reminds me of “Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these…”

  7. Denny Strauss / Mar 28 2017 12:15 am

    Beautiful photos as always of these stately flowers. Say hello to Carmel for me–are you planning to be there for the August events??

    • Linda Hartong / Mar 28 2017 12:41 am

      Hi Denny,
      Yes we plan to be in Carmel. Hope to see you. If you ever want to be a guest author, I would love it.

  8. Rita Whalen / Mar 28 2017 12:16 am

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. carmelcottage / Mar 28 2017 12:53 am

    What beautiful photos, thank you. I have these lilies all through my back garden. They are like a weed here in New Zealand, but I love them and they flower almost year round. The White Eyes (tiny birds) love drinking from them and collecting insects inside the spent flower. I love Hummingbirds, but we don’t have them here, so white eyes are my substitute. I have one species of calla lily that has the hugest flower and leaves and looks magnificent under our big Gleditsia tree. We have visited Garrapata State Park, but I had no idea you can see the bridge from below, so that’s going into the itinerary for November.

  10. Lou / Mar 28 2017 5:37 am

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to visit Garrapata State park.

  11. Barbara H. / Mar 28 2017 1:34 pm

    The callas are amazing but I really love the photo of the path through the headland plants. It’s magnificent. Thank you – I’m glad you’re back!

  12. Vernon or Karen Lee / Mar 28 2017 7:38 pm

    Beautiful. Area. Glad you r posting again!

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. jeanette sclar / Mar 29 2017 8:13 pm

    So good to see your post again!

  14. Stanley Ruggerio / Apr 9 2017 2:40 am

    This Houston, Texas lady is delighted at your return. I have an ongoing love affair with Carmel By the Sea. My Houston home is as near Comstock cottage style as I can make it. Blessings!

  15. Susan / Apr 12 2017 11:37 pm

    Elegant indeed and what a magnificent area!

  16. Michelle / Jan 28 2018 9:47 pm

    They are also growing wild on Mission Trail!

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