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June 7, 2013 / Linda Hartong


When I first spot this cottage in 2010, It is love at first sight. When I dream of a “Happily Ever After” house, it looks just like this. 

Carmel Jan 2010 106cpttage

Carmel Master-builder M.J. Murphy builds this house in 1925 for Carmel businessman Frederick Ten Winkel. Mr Ten Winkel operates a furniture and hardware store on Ocean Ave. It is likely that he sees Murphy’ office and asks for a home quite like it. 


“It is a one-and one-half story Tudor style building. Murphy’s Tudor cottages were less whimsical than the work of his chief competitor, Hugh Comstock, but easier to live in.”- Kent Seavey

Every time we come to Carmel, I wander by and ring the bell but my only greeter is a tiny , barking rat terrier who will guard this home with her life. I slip cards under the door each time to no avail.

I finally ask Mrs. Condry, who also lives in a Murphy cottage if she know who owns the house. Of course she does.

It is no wonder I have not been able to find the owners at home. Wayne and Phyllis Kelley have lived in the house since 1970.

They are very busy people.  “Wayne served for seven years on Carmel’s Forest and Beach Commission and remains active in Friends of Carmel Forest as a volunteer, planting and caring for city trees. A member of the first docent class at Point Lobos State Park, he has conducted tours and given school presentations for 27 years.

A former board member of the Carmel Residents Association, Kelley has participated for 18 years in the group’s monthly beach cleanup, for which he has designed and made most of the unique tools used by volunteers to pick up trash and sift out the sand. This active man also enjoys wood carving at the Carmel Foundation.

Wayne and his wife Phyllis participated in the Carmel Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Program, which prepares citizens to stand ready to assist neighbors and the community in time of need. For ten years he volunteered for Hospice and he still routinely visits shut-ins on behalf of his church.

Supports the Carmel Mission and the Carmel Heritage society.”- taken from “Wayne Kelley named 2007 Citizen of the Year”

I admire the house from outside the gate


The bells jingle when I enter


And walk up the path


This really does look a lot like M.J. Murphy’s office. 

To my right is a formal boxwood garden


To my left is a sign announcing An Neadin. I later find that Mr. Kelley is Irish ( how surprising) and that An Nead is in the highlands of the U.K.


Small stepping-stones lead to a bench,


And this small dog house with its marker. Clearly dogs are greatly loved in this house.


I admire the geranium planted window box and shutters.


Even a second story window sports pink geraniums.


I climb the steps to the front door


So Carmel


Evidence of their deep faith is everywhere.


It is here that I am “barked at” so furiously. Let me tell you there is no greater deterrent to trespassers than a barking dog.

I abandon the porch and walk around the north side of the house 


And out the back gate


More bells jingling.


I love the sign on the garage door. It would seem that Mr. Kelley is a “‘car guy”.


One more glance at my dream house and I head up the street.


Even in the parking in front of the house, the Kelley’s have created a small bed of roses, hydrangea and foxglove blooming away.




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  1. House Crazy Sarah / Jun 7 2013 1:53 am

    Gorgeous cottage – as always Linda!

  2. jeanette sclar / Jun 7 2013 2:26 am

    Funny how even a dog lover can be intimidated by a strange dog’s bark! I had wonderful fantasies about getting another Airedale and training it to be a “companion” dog – you know hospital visits and school visits. Then I heard the veterinarian on KCUR say that terriers in general are too excitable for companion work. Sigh…well, on the bright side, I don’t have to worry about damage to my new carpet yet!

  3. Sheila Fulks / Jun 7 2013 4:18 am

    This home is so pretty. Love all the flowers and the window boxes are beautiful.

  4. Roberta Speechley / Jun 9 2013 12:35 pm

    How nice it is to view the detail and your comments.

  5. Kathy Spencer / Jun 9 2013 9:36 pm

    Oh Linda, thank you for this! I have tears in my eyes… My grandma and grandpa (Nana & Baba) Millard lived in a house so similar to this, complete with shutters, roses, hollyhocks and mums. Theirs was gray – so adorable with arches and a gas log fireplace. Baba built it during the depression. He was often on the road doing construction work. Now I wonder if he knew about this Carmel house. It was going to be a garage, but lack of funds and a baby on the way (my mother) forced him to turn it into a home. It was very tiny but full of love. The house next door looked almost exactly like the brown Tudor style cottage in your post. Many great times were had in the big flowery yard with my Nana and Baba!!

  6. Carole / Jun 10 2013 11:27 am

    Beautiful photos, such a lovely home, flowers and those window boxes………..beautiful. Thank you!
    P.S. How in the world do they water all those
    window boxes?

  7. Sue / Jun 11 2013 5:46 pm

    Just the perfect pink cottage I have ever seen or imagined. I hope they respond to you someday for a look inside.

  8. Inspired and pretty / Jun 18 2013 2:32 am

    I really love the colour of this house, a soft peach, so pretty ! I would love to see what it looks like inside !

  9. Mary Curran / Dec 31 2013 1:34 am

    Wayne and Phyllis have been friends of ours since we adopted each other in 1980 after my husband and Wayne met at a class at MPC. They are the sweetest couple and are the Godparents to our second child who is now 26. I always loved this house. It is very cute inside as well. Wayne is now 89 years young and we just spoke to him right after Christmas.

  10. Jeannie / Jan 12 2014 10:46 pm

    I love cottage houses!! I live in a 1955 cottage style home and I love the quaintness of these homes.

  11. Heather. Holden / Jul 1 2015 6:45 pm

    I have spent all morning dining on every wird and picture that imparts your experiences of Carmel. My wonderful husband and I dreamed someday of becoming a part of heaven on earth. Thank you for all your dedicated work. What a gift you have.
    We are about to bring a dream to a reality with a move to Carmel. One of Hugh Comtock’s homes is available named Four Winds of Heaven located in Pebble Beach.,Is there ANYTHING you could tell me or hook me up to its history built in 1928 or the Wheeler family. I have tried. Many avenues and just met dead ends. Trying to find floor plans …impossible??
    inhaled every scap and photo you have posted I could find. Thank you…thank you
    Blessings to you…Heather

  12. Ann Thaler / Mar 23 2019 4:19 am

    I just discovered this website. I had the good fortune of visiting this house and spending time with Wayne and Phyllis Kelley. Wayne’s brother, Gene, and I worked together in NYC and all the Kelley’s had great personalities and easy to befriend. When Phyllis heard I was going to vacation in California and do the coastal highway drive down to LA from San Fran we had to stop and visit. They invited us to stay but couldn’t because of terrible cat allergy. We spent two magnificent days in Carmel and surroundings, two days we will never forget. Wayne gave us personal tours of the point, drove us around in his mustang and they treated us like royalty. Yes, a trip to remember and two beautiful people who certainly left their mark on their community. It was an honor to be able to say Wayne and Phyllis were friends. A&M Thaler

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