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March 13, 2013 / Linda Hartong


I love reading the Real Estate Section of the Pine Cone.

House hunting is such fun. This is my latest find appropriately named “Dreams Do Come True”.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.26 PM

The website shows the floor plan.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.20 PM

The main living area has an open floor plan . The living room features a vaulted, beamed ceiling and stone fireplace. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.49 PM

I love the dining room with its built-in hutch and window seat with storage below. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.30 PM

Red being my current color of choice, the kitchen really feels cozy.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.34 PM

Who would not love the stainless steel appliances, farm sink, hardwood floors and quartz countertops.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.39 PM

There is even a great pantry area.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.10.04 PM

This floor also has a half-bath and 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.00 PM

 Master Bedroom with fireplace 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.57 PM

The master bath has handsome cabinetry.  I love the plantation shutters throughout the house.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.53 PM

Stairs off the kitchen

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.33.46 AM

lead up to a single bedroom

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.08 PM

With an ocean view

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.10.11 PM

 And another half bath.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.34.39 AM

And down to the laundry room

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.30 PM

Three more bedrooms 

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.35.02 AM

A full bath

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.34.54 AM

A galley across the back of the house  works for a small office.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.35.12 AM

The deck 

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.16 PM

Looks down on a professionally landscaped yard.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.46 PM

How inviting.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.08.51 PM

There is even a garage ( I like the flower box and shutters on the garage window- that is real attention to detail).

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.09.26 PM

The cottage is on Casanova 5 NW Ocean which is a great location to walk to the beach and town and is Brokered And Advertised By: Sotheby’s-Clocktower Listing Agent: Weathers

List price $2,995,000.



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  1. Sue / Mar 13 2013 2:01 pm

    Love how colorful the rooms are painted. I always like stairs off the kitchen, window seats, and a fireplace in the master bedroom. Interesting glass door in the laundry room too.

  2. jeanette sclar / Mar 13 2013 2:45 pm

    Your fantastic real estate posts always leave me wondering why I was not born rich.

  3. House Crazy Sarah / Mar 13 2013 5:09 pm

    uh, so sweet! and ocean views??? How perfect is that? I too, lament the fact that I was born poor and cannot afford such a treasure 😦

  4. Dan Oates / Mar 13 2013 5:26 pm

    Nice place. Some how it’s a bit larger than the cottage I lived in at Guadalupe and Pico in 1960. I guess not many real “cottages” still exist.

  5. Sue / Mar 13 2013 6:41 pm

    I love living in Carmel and part of the joy is our fantastic gardens. I find so much joy in gardening I could not imagine having such a sterile yard without personal touches in flowers or plants. I think they miss out on a lot by not doing their own gardening and by not participating in the English Garden theme that is so well loved here. I like a personal touch on my house as well so this sterile approach would not appeal to me.

  6. KATHYSUE / Mar 14 2013 7:42 pm

    We were just in your lovely village for 3 days this week. Oh to be able to live there would truly be a dream come true!! I never get tired of driving up and down the streets looking at all the beautiful homes and cottages. You live in paradise!! xo kathysue
    PS the sofa arrives tomorrow!!

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