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February 4, 2013 / Linda Hartong

Yves Delorme ~ Fine Linens In Carmel-by-the Sea

Today I am window shopping in Carmel Plaza. As usual, I stop in front of Yves Delorme. The fine linens in the window are luscious. The well-dressed beds look as fashionable as any runway model wearing  French couture. 

In need of some new bath linens, I decide to step in.

A wonderfully helpful salesperson/manager encourages me to make a bold move and combine “grape”

with green.

I love it!! After I order what I need, I leave her my card so she can call me when the order comes in. 

This leads to a discussion of “what is a blog” and on to an invitation to photograph the store. I am delighted.

I know from the name that this company is French,

but nothing more.

1845 is the year Ernestine Fremaux and her husband create a linen weaving mill, near Lille, France.

In the early 80’s Dominique Fremaux and Yves Delorme who was then known for his bath linens form a company based on the know-how of five generations.

I wander around sniffing soaps,

And candles.

Examining soft mohair throws 

And unusual light fixtures.

Everything is well displayed.

The store clears out for a moment and the manager begins to explain how these designs happen.

It is the creative director, Evelyne Julienne

who defines the Yves Delorme look. She creates a new collection each year, much as fashion designers do. 

Nature inspires some of her designs  A walk in the country may result in the lovely design of a ginkgo leaf on pillows and linens,

or a piece of coral may inspire this design.  

Peonies and butterflies adorn pillows.

Other collections have different inspiration. I love the current theme “the art of writing”.

Calligraphie has one rhythm

Italique another.

The beautifully appointed bed in the back of the store catches everyone’s attention in its pink and black combinations of prints, florals, stripes and zigzags.

Each January, Evelyne chooses the themes for the following year’s collection. She constructs idea boards which she and her staff critique and by June sample products are sewn – only then are final decisions  made about colors and finishes.

I admire the tablecloths ,

Napkin folding advice.

And even study how to Store Linens

* If you plan on storing your linens, iron them before you store them.

*Store linens flat. If the shelves are wooden, line them with tissue paper. Some woods, such as cedar, contain  oils that can damage linens.

*Make certain that linens are not exposed to direct sunlight or moonlight to avoid color fading.( moonlight!)

And lastly

* Do not leave table linens on your table where they may be exposed to direct sunlight over an extended period. ( I knew that one).

When you next shop in Carmel, take a moment to visit Yves Delorme. It is almost as delicious as visiting a candy store and far less fattening.

PS . The “e” in Delorme is silent.

Yves Delorme – Yves Delorme, Carmel



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  1. jeanette sclar / Feb 4 2013 3:03 pm

    Linens on a bed are sooooo much more soothing than women in couture!! For many decades now, women in couture just seem like a silent reprimand.
    Love your purple and green! They

  2. Patrice Greenhouse / Feb 4 2013 3:28 pm

    Love your blog! I feel like I have been shopping in carmel!
    Looking forward to your next Blog…….


    • Linda Hartong / Feb 4 2013 4:21 pm

      I am glad you like the post. I do love this store

  3. Inspired and pretty / Feb 9 2013 4:30 am

    This is my kind of store ! I love fine linens and bath products. The Calligraphie collection is so beautiful. I could spend hours in this shop !

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