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January 22, 2013 / Linda Hartong


Stonehouse Terrace is on San Carlos between 7th and 8th streets. I often walk by on my way to Ocean Ave.

It is a pleasant blend of specialty shops and romantic indoor – outdoor dining, integrated around a charming Carmel stone cottage ( once the Reimer family home)and has been family owned since 1935.

The south side of the courtyard is anchored by Wittpenn’s Antiques (click this link for my blog post on Wittpenn’s


Bill and I love to shop here. Chip has treasures and he knows the history of each piece.



Step up the stairs that divide the Terrace to



La Dolce Vita Restaurant, Carmel-b-the-sea, CA 93921


 La Dolce Vita has a cozy dining room


and rooftop patio seating,


 a romantic and charming atmosphere to enjoy Italian and Mediterranean food.

It is great fun to sit up here in the evening under the heat lamps and watch the action below on the street.


Their specialty is authentic Italian country cooking using recipes that have been passed down from generations of the Melendez family. 

The salmon 


Caprese salad


And ravioli


Are a favorites of mine

UPDATE: I am informed that La Dolce Vita has moved across the street from the Post Office. !!

The Pasta Palate Fresh Pasta Factory sits at the top of the stairs


 The owner is very friendly and the atmosphere warm and cheerful.




This awesome little pasta factory sells frozen ravioli (delicious flavors) to the public as well as to several local restaurants. Try the Butternut Squash ravioli for a real treat.

Nancy’s Hair Design,

Flipside Design, Inc.

Flipside Design provides design and strategy services for all of your product development and package needs, trademark design for brand image and package prototyping and injection mold design and tooling of product components for presentations, focus groups and patents.

Nancy Callahan, CPA, CFP 


And the Law Offices of Michael Lykkenare also on this level.

On the north side of the Courtyard is 

Eco Carmel  Home page


Kristi Reimer opens her “green general store” in the building that was once her grandparents’ home.

She is a powerhouse and a fount of information on all things green.

She  educates herself about green issues and spends eight months researching what items to carry in her store.

Paint is a fifth of her business, whose one employee is Richard Phillips, who mixes paints.

For interior and exterior jobs, she carries Mythic Paint, which she says is the world’s first high-performance, zero-toxin, zero-volatile organic compound paint. She also carries products from The Real Milk Paint Company for furniture and Clay Paint. 

I find the paint, baby clothes, pet accessories, children’s school and art supplies, 


electric kitchen composters, railroad tie benches, recycled glassware 


a gizmo that measures the electric output of all lamps and electric appliances,wondrous table and floor lamps mattresses and bed linens, household cleaning products, skin products and much more.



I shop in this store with my eco-conscious daughter when I remodel. I am looking for kitchen counters. Kristi suggests paper countertops and I innocently ask if I can clean those with Windex. Across the store, my daughter grins while a look of horror comes over Kristi’s face.  She suggests I use soap and water and it is only then that I realize my “faux pas“.  I, like the cast of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, still believe that Windex can do it all.

When we leave the store I feel “sheepish”and my daughter is snickering quietly. I have a long way to go before I am “green”.


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  1. Lisa Guthrie / Jan 22 2013 10:26 pm

    Hi Linda, I am not sure if you are aware, but La Dolce Vita lost their lease here and they have moved to a new location across from the post office. We are all glad they landed in a new location in town:) By the way, I really look forward to your blog every time is comes across my email!

    Best wishes,

    Lisa Borromo Forge ~ Artisan Metalwork Gallery tel. 831.622.0590 mobile 831.238.5725

  2. Jo-Ann Fantino Ruffolo / Jan 23 2013 12:44 am

    I too love Pasta Palate. There is nothing like fresh pasta…so different from dry. The Butternut Ravioli is almost like Dad’s …almost….but without the toil!

    Linda, February is coming…we still have a breakfast waiting at Bicyclette!


  3. jeanette sclar / Jan 23 2013 5:40 pm

    You must publish these blogs and get the Carmel bookstores to sell them to visitors!!!

  4. Inspired and pretty / Jan 23 2013 9:52 pm

    Oh ! I’d love to sit on that rooftop patio and look down on the street below…. The food at this restaurant looks very delicious and I like the fine cuisine presentation.
    Lol ! I’m not more green than you are ! Windex is wonderful !

  5. Ruth / Jan 25 2013 7:31 pm

    I think we all have a lot to learn about being green. I love your blog and look forward to the next Carmel sighting! I wish I were there……..

  6. Maggie / Jan 26 2013 2:06 am

    Hi — Been meaning to get this to you for a week — since you’ve got this avid interest in Carmel and it’s history, there is a book I was just given called “Mamita’s House” as told by Lois Robin. It’s about the Matriarch who lived there with her rather large and unique family. Believe it is now owned by Elizabeth Rondelle and the house stands on Monterey and 2nd. I never knew it existed until someone who is related to the family was given the book and she passed it on to me.

    If you’ve not either read the book or seen the house, you should do so – seems right in line with all the other places you’ve photographed and written about so wonderfully!

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