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October 9, 2012 / Linda Hartong


“In 1929, Carmel building designer Guy O.Koepp creates La Rambla Building on Lincoln Street for Josephine Baber. A.Carlyle Stoney is the contractor. The two-story Spanish building is stuccoed wood-frame with a central passage into a garden court to the west. Large arched openings characterize the facade”.  Kent Seavey-

The Anderle Gallery occupies the lower level on either side of the central passage. Beautiful tiles accent the window 

and niches.

Large stone urns stand guard .

The door handle of the Gallery suggests this will be a unique experience

I  take hold , step inside and am transported to other worlds through the art and architecture of Africa, New Guinea, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Anderle Gallery | Decorative to Museum Quality Art from Primitive Tribal Societies to Advanced Cultures 

Exiting the shop I gaze up at the second-story balconies of the apartments located over the shop.

I often see a gentleman having lunch on this balcony.

I love the grill work.

I enter the passageway and climb the stairs at the rear.

From here I can see chimney pots,

Apartment doors,

and dusty old light fixtures.

I can also look down to the turquoise bench and the closed gate that leads into Aslan’s Garden Aslan’s Garden |

From the records at City Hall, it seems that Ms. Baber remodeled the basement and constructed a small structure to accommodate a nursery and florist in 1957- “Shop in the Garden”, now the home of Aslans. 

The original “Shop in the Garden” was created by Carmel artist Milton Williams in 1958. Using the metalwork skills he learned as a Marine blacksmith during the War, Milt created his unique garden and copper sculpture gallery in a spacious outdoor courtyard. He became well-known for his whimsical creations including copper crickets, ladybugs, mushroom lamps and beautifully sculpted copper fountains. 

Michael Largent, the current owner of Aslan’s Garden, started working in the shop  in 1967 as an apprentice metal sculptor/coppersmith with Milt Williams Sr.. He has been associated with the garden shop ever since. It is Michael who names the shop Aslans – the name of his dog and the name of the lion in the C.S. Lewis book.

This is a popular spot for shoppers and a look at their diverse , whimsical inventory explains their appeal. The following images are from Aslan’s website.

Wind chimes sing in the breeze.


Wall art,

Plant stakes

And solar lights are everywhere.

But my favorite category is the “Critters ” which always bring a grin to my face. 

Visit the website. Many of these items are sold “on line” and can be shipped to you. 


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  1. Sue / Oct 9 2012 4:34 pm

    Hi Linda, your site is the most amazing as is this shop that you shared. Glad I found you!

  2. Mike Fisher / Oct 24 2017 1:07 am

    SO thrilled to see you’re still continuing the ‘Milton Williams Originals’ tradition…..I have your windchimes…and… I totally LOVE them! 😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Gerry Schultz / Feb 15 2019 7:25 pm

    I have the Hummingbird and the Ladybug playing the flute I got in the Garden in 1967!

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