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August 8, 2012 / Linda Hartong

Swan Cottage

Carmel Point is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bill and I almost always include it in our morning walk along Scenic Dr.   Swan Cottage sits at the North East corner of Scenic and Isabella. The architecture of this home is a blend of American Colonial and English Tudor that exudes warmth.  The red door behind the ivy-covered grapestake fence catches my eye as do the red geraniums in pots. This looks like a full-time home, not a summer cottage.

I find out that, when her search for a Carmel home proved unsuccessful,  Mary DePaoli decided to buy this fine lot with views of Point Lobos and Monastery Beach.  When her architect became too ill to finish the plans,  Mary and her contractor, Tom Shigo, completed them, with Mary designing all the windows and cupboards.

This is a comfortable looking house with its spacious living room and dining room, four large bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office and a much sought after oversized lot. The landscape has been thoughtfully designed to take advantage of the  great views of Carmel Bay and Point Lobos.

When I see this home is for sale, I check the realtor’s website for photos.  

As I research the web, I find that Mrs.De Paoli generously opened her home to the public to for a fundraiser  called “Berries and Branches” .

Her home is described in great detail in the Event Brochure. The information below is quoted from the Brochure and the photos are from the Carmel Realty Co.

Upon entering the living room guests are immediately drawn to the series of windows that look out upon Point Lobos.  The cushioned window seat which runs beneath the windows provides a comfortable place to read, or talk while taking in the view.

The tiles around the fireplace are original to the home 

and the green mantle and fireplace trim echo the colors of the Carmel Mission painting, done by Art 

Riley. ( I find out Mary was very active at the Mission)

Mr. Riley was a cartoonist for Walt Disney with a second home in Pacific Grove.  

Mr. and Mrs. De Paoli admired and purchased it at the Monterey County Fair. 

On one side of the doors leading into the dining area is the bar .

As she built the house, Mary knew she wanted the kitchen and dining room designed as one room with a large dining table.  

Most of the furniture was purchased for the room, but the built-in hutch

was designed by Helene Montgomery, her neighbor, friend and decorator.

The dining room is decorated with very traditional colors using plaids and spode to compliment the multi-hued rug and the American Colonial slate blue of the adjoining kitchen.

A swan takes center stage on the kitchen island.  

A gift from one of Mary’s daughters. 

Swan Cottage has 3 baths

and 4 bedrooms

Mary was in the second grade when she opened a new reader and discovered Peter Rabbit.  She fell in love then and had “Peter Rabbit fever ” ever since.  

In 1985 ,her oldest daughter opened a Carmel store called “Peter Rabbit & Friends” and Mary began to collect and collect.  The sitting room became “The Peter Rabbit Room “now embellished with children’s things.

She also created an art studio, where she built all the cabinetry herself and where she could lay 

down her work, brushes and paint to come back later and find them just as she had left them. 

Mary designed and tended her garden for many years.  As she worked in her yard beside Scenic Drive, she  met and conversed with people from all over the world.

I also find that Mary was able to stay in her home until her death in October 2011.  She was the youngest of 10 children , the mother of five daughters and the grandmother of eleven grandchildren. 

Not only did she create a beautiful home, she created a beautiful life.

$6,195,000       4 BED       3 BATH       3088 SQ. FT.       7971 SF LOT



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  1. Barb / Aug 8 2012 3:32 pm

    What a wonderful view, home, and story. Thank you!

  2. Carolyn / Aug 8 2012 4:07 pm

    Could there be a better view or location? Seems the price would be worth it for that alone. I was surprised by the traditional Colonial style decor. I’d freshen things up a bit, but it truly is an outstanding property. How wonderful she was able to stay in her home where she had poured such energy and creativity into its construction, decorating, and gardens.

  3. Annie Westlake, / Aug 8 2012 7:27 pm

    Be still my heart …………………………..

  4. The Local Traveler / Aug 10 2012 1:37 pm

    An absolutely stunning home.

  5. Jacki / Aug 11 2012 6:09 pm

    This view is breathtaking! Thank you for your research, and for sharing all your amazing houses with us “landlocked” people.

  6. Inspired and pretty / Aug 18 2012 3:22 pm

    Oh my goodness, this home is marvelous ! And the views ! Oh my….

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