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June 24, 2012 / Linda Hartong

Kids By The Sea

I am window shopping in the Court Of The Golden Bough and stop to admire the window displays in the Tudor style building on the east side of the Courtyard.

The building was commissioned by novelist Harry Leon Wilson. He had Lee Gottfried design it to house his wife’s flower shop, The Bloomin’Basement.

The first floor has housed Sadies Bar and is now Porta Bella Restaurant.

The second floor is occupied by Kids By The Sea.

The stairs are daunting

but the view of the Courtyard below is wonderful.

Oh, no. They are closed today. But this little porch is so enchanting that I put down my bags and take up my camera.

The porch light is fanciful.

As is the door knocker.

And the artwork is fabulous. 

A duck is losing his top hat as he struggles to hold on to 

A hot air balloon carrying a variety of happy characters.

A smiling rabbit munches on an apple

And a patchwork bear lounges on the stair rail

I look up and see I am being “dive bombed” by an airplane

While a smiling cat

Casts his fishing line into a fishbowl of concerned fish.

I press my nose to the glass and admire an array of colorful children’s clothing.

Back down the stairs

And past the beribboned rabbit, I head home.

My next trip is more successful. The store is open and I am allowed to snap several more shots of the wonderful art

And merchandise in the store.

I chat with one of the owners who is here today.

Kids By The Sea is a family owned and operated children’s boutique.  Querida King, and her daughters  open the boutique in 2004. They have put a lot of passion into designing a whimsical and charming children’s boutique.

The art I love so much is painted by Blagojic Stojanovski ,originally from Macedonia, he has studied and painted all over the world and now lives in Carmel.

The children’s boutique offers a variety of clothing, toys, and accessories.

The daughter mentions that the shop once housed “The Stocking Shop” and shows me an old combination Match Book and Hosiery Mending Kit that was found in the ruins when the Golden Bough Theater burned to the ground.

Carmelites are very generous with their memories and take time to share them. What a treat.



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  1. Karen / Jun 24 2012 7:01 pm

    I love this. I especially love the Alice In Wonderland Birdhouse!

  2. tammy j / Jun 28 2012 8:42 pm

    what an enchanting shop.
    i think carmel by the sea must be one of the most wonderful places i’ve ever seen…
    near or far.
    i always feel i’ve been on some little ‘mini holiday’ when i finish each of your posts!

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