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January 16, 2012 / Linda Hartong

TAKE A WALK UP OCEAN AVE- Lincoln to Dolores

As I cross Lincoln,

 I see Dametra Cafe

To dine at Dametra is to have an” experience”, not just a meal. Faisal Nimri is the chef whose kitchen produces delicious lamb dishes, kebabs, moussake and gyros.  But it is his partner, Bashar Sneeh with his long black hair, winning smile and gracious greetings who wins me over.  Do not come here for a quiet meal. This is a place to celebrate life, dine, sing, talk and maybe even dance. Bashar, a native of Jordan strums an exotic tune on his six stringed oud. It is common for him to offer a free glass of wine after a long wait,

or a sample of desert.  Even with only 40 seats, this place rocks.

 Already the owners are involved  in the Carmel community and are highly praised. 

Next I pass Boatworks.

The shop has been able to re-invent itself and stay alive. Now as well as nautical items, they carry clothing, books, gifts, and nautical prints. I like the sweaters and buy a Blue Willis sweater and jean jacket that are classics.

Burns Cowboy Shop  just opened this June.

This shop from Utah has a history of 134 years. Fifth generation owner Danna Burns-Shaw and her husband Scott oversee operations.  I try on a pair of Lucchese Boots,

but settle for a belt and buckle. It just smells so good in here. The smell of “new leather”.

Lets stop in at Carmel Bakery and Coffee Co. for a coffee and gingerbread man. This bakery has been a Carmel tradition since 1906.

It is a favorite with tourists strolling along Ocean as we are doing today. 

Pat Areias-Pat Areias Sterling Silver Belts / Buckles Jeweled . Pat is a California native-and the third generation of a family of Portuguese dairy farmers. She studied arts and languages in college. When she was with the Peace Corps in Central and South America , she apprenticed with both silver and leather craftsmen and now creates silver buckles, jewelry, and hair accessories. 

Next we pass the entrance to Der Ling Lane and its hidden courtyard which we toured in a earlier blog..

I glance into Galerie Rue Royale

always alive with colorful art and customers

and then move on to Robert Talbott Robert Talbott Carmel.

This shop is Bill’s favorites. Audrey Talbott sewed ties by hand for her husband and friends. I can “so” relate. I made all my husband’s ties during the years he was a student and I was “putting hubby through”. It was fun but Audrey is making lots more money than I did. She and her family turned her hobby into a luxury tie company. 

Bill treats himself to their wonderful custom-made shirting. Those shirts last for years. Even our dry cleaner can not destroy them. Today a seamstress is sewing in the window and greets me with a smile.

We have traveled another block together and still have lots to see, so I am going home to rest up and fortify myself with my gingerbread man.



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  1. tammy j / Jan 19 2012 11:02 am

    another lovely visit to carmel!
    your photography has the quality of … what?… almost 3-d i guess! it feel as if i’m walking into and am part of the pictures. magical.
    thank you so much for sharing carmel with us.
    i visit former posts too. just beautiful.
    i know people want to be comfortable… but there is comfort and there is sloppy.
    i wish the tourists could dress with the same flair as the stylish town itself!

  2. Still Served Warm / Feb 15 2012 7:02 pm

    We totally agree about Dametra!
    Their Combination Platter is outstanding. We reviewed it at

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