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December 10, 2011 / Linda Hartong


Bill and I are exploring Carmel Valley when we first discover Jan De Luz. We are looking for a fountain for our small garden. WOW! This is an architectural treasure trove. The pieces have traveled from France. While handsome, they are much too large for our small spot. 

We are window shopping in Carmel and see window displays that stop us in our tracks. This is the second Jan De Luz store and again the unusual antiques in the window draw us in. 

What a beehive of activity. An elaborate Barudan embroidery machine is stitching away behind the counter

and the shop is full of delightful items. Jan’s wife, Brigitte, is in perpetual motion. An elegant blond, she moves from customer to customer enchanting them with her French accent and always finding just the right item.

I read on their website Jan De Luz that this all started in 1980 in the Basque region of Southwestern France when Jan De Luz bought a huge lot of anitiques among which was a weaving machine and old pieces of fabric.  He began researching and documenting the fabrics and discovered their origin.  They had been used since the 18th century to cover cattle ~ mantes à bœuf.  This led to De Luz recreating an entire collection of fabrics from the old wooden weaving machine.

I love purchasing personalized embroidered linens for friends and family, and each time I step into Jan De Luz. I see napkins,

kitchen towels,

and even aprons designed by De Luz. One can custom order items embroidered with their own name 

Further into the shop is an antique shelf filled with housewares and food items. 

At the far end of the room are bedsheets, towels, slipppers, and signature bath products.

The second room is always being transformed. The first time I go in to photograph, the whole room is empty and several days later- Voila. 

The circular staircase rises to the ceiling. Today it is displaying antique shoe forms.

It is here that I admire the table settings.

One constant in the room is the screen sitting behind the bed that displays custom linens.

I walk past several employees who are cutting fabric on a long table and exit to the patio area.

This is reminiscent of what we saw in Carmel Valley only on a much smaller scale.

The walls of the enclosed patio are painted a soft rose-red. The floor is stone and the ceiling is sky and the branches of a huge Eucalyptus tree which scents the air.I admire the antique window screens.

The watering cans catch my eye

and as I angle around to get photos, I see this wonderful fountain under the tree.  Rosemary covers the ground adding yet another scent.

I see several more fountains

and then start home.

Inside Brigitte seems to everywhere at once.

I read the she and Jan have two daughters and a son.



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  1. janet bishop- magina / Dec 10 2011 5:26 pm

    I went in there because they had a beautiful painting/print in the window. Way too pricey for me, but the shop was so lovely. I am definitely going to buy one of those copper pepper grinders sometime soon! I have wanted one for years and I think it is almost time:) I didn’t wander out back; the garden items look lovely but hard to transport on a plane!

    Happy Holidays Linda and thanks for so many great posts this year, I have enjoyed every single one.

  2. tammy j / Dec 12 2011 1:19 am

    i had to laugh. when i first bought my little cottage i looked for a fountain. such a refreshing sound in our long hot summers. i selected one. when they delivered it i was amazed! it could have been the fountain in the center of a small italian village!!! aagggh! i apologized for all the trouble and said i apparently had a perspective problem. the men were very kind. (though i can only imagine what was being said about me on their way back to the garden center.) the thing must have weighed a ton.
    i love the screen behind that bed!
    as usual… such a luscious post.
    tammy j

  3. Sonia / Dec 16 2011 1:02 pm

    This is truly a beautiful shop..been there several times…the first time we visited my hubbie was taking pictures and the owner got very upset and told him no photography. It was an older man……so glad you were able to get some photos because this is such a gorgeous place. My hubbie was just taking pictures of a bouquet of white lillies in the shop when the owner approached him.
    I love all those beautiful napkins! Thanks for sharing.

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