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November 27, 2011 / Linda Hartong


I am strolling up 7th Ave . I want to see how the remodeling of the home on the NE Corner of 7th and Casanova is progressing. 

This handsome home appears quite large for Carmel and sits on two lots.  The front door is a classic. 

Looking to the left, I see this quaint door

 framed by Virginia Creeper already starting to turn its fall color. I peer through the window 

and see a wonderful open living plan. Light floods the kitchen. 

I move to the windows on the other side of the door and see this view of the living  and dining rooms. 

Wow! I love the wrought iron bannister. 

Later I find a listing for the house and am able to climb the stairs via the website 

and see one of the two master suites with vaulted ceilings and view of the ocean from their westward facing windows. 

I continue along the west side of the house

 where I see this date carved into the stone. 

A gate stands open on the southwest corner

 and the glimpse of an outdoor fireplace draws me down the path. 

A rusty lion head regards me, his mouth a perfect circle of surprise.

I am so glad the remodel kept this and the light fixtures with so much charm.

 The back yard opens up like another room for the house. 

French doors open into the kitchen with its wonderful island. 

I stand on tip-toe to peek through the leaded glass

 and see the interior with its great flow from room to room.

 I go on down the path to this wall of windows.

 This is a hallway that connects the main house to a small guest unit with its own kitchenette and bath.

I admire the sun dappled old fountain with appears to have come from Vienna. I wish I knew the story. 

Oh no, another secret “ish” gate.

 Of course I have to go through  and as I climb the stairs I get another view of the back yard.

 A narrow deck deposits me back out by the front door.  Later I find that this 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home sold quickly. The asking price was $3,595,000. 



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  1. kathysue / Nov 28 2011 1:23 am

    what incredible light this house has!! I love the views to the back yard, this looks like a wonderful family home, Kathysue

  2. Gretta Faun / Nov 28 2011 3:06 pm

    I felt a sense of adventure reading this post. It was like I was being transported into my childhood: exploring the garden, picking through the secret gate. It was a pleasure to go back in time for a moment.

  3. Inspired and pretty / Nov 30 2011 12:59 am

    What a beautiful house ! And a beautiful price… ! The kitchen island is huge, I noticed the rugs, they are beautiful and I like the backyard with it’s big foyer. And all the windows, wow, I like homes that have plenty of light entering. Thanks for sharing all these incredible houses from Carmel !

  4. tammy j / Nov 30 2011 6:52 pm

    was feeling low today. recent losses by cancer brought back poignantly this time of year.
    i needed a break. what to do? wander through my beloved carmel by the sea.
    even the name brings enchantment.
    i am never disappointed.
    although the house is much too large to me… it still retains that special carmel charm.
    as do you, dearheart.
    thanks for the lovely break of beauty.
    tammy j

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