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November 25, 2011 / Linda Hartong

La Bicyclette- A Relaxing Cafe in Carmel-by -the Sea.

When Bill and I first come to Carmel, one of our favorite restaurants is La Boheme. The menu is French, the price fixed, and the atmosphere charming. The couple who run it eventually take their love of France to France and desert us. We are left with only a poster of the restaurant on the wall of our kitchen

But soon there are signs of remodeling and a new cafe called La Bicyclette 

opens in the space.


 Walter Georis owns it and also owns Casanova our all time favorite restaurant.

When the space next door becomes available, La Bicyclette expands and 29 Dolores St. 


No longer just open for dinner, the cafe offers breakfast,

lunch and dinner 

as well a spot to meet for coffee or wine just about any time of day.


The fixed price dinner menu continues to appear in the smaller of the two rooms. 

This is very intimate dining. A small room within the small room holds only two tables and is like a play house.

The deserts are fabulous. 

Events are catered in this space .

The menu changes daily and everyone gathers in front of the window to read the day’s offerings 

and admire the baskets full of bread and wine that make up the display.

The new addition is larger 

and has formidable wood ovens called “falling ovens” because the temperature starts very high and falls as the bread cooks.

Needless to say the bread and pizza made in the ovens is yummy.

Although soup, salads, omelette, fish, and meat dishes are offered, pizza is a favorite here.

The restaurant works with Carmel Middle School , teaching local children the importance of living and eating sustainable. Some menu items feature produce grown in the school’s gardens. 

This room also holds a truly handsome bar and wide choice of wine.



I hesitate to take too many photos of the interior, it makes the diners uneasy,

but I assure you La Bicyclette is a delightful new addition to Carmel’s dining scene.


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  1. tammy j / Nov 26 2011 2:09 am

    and …. ahem…. thank you for the glimpse of your own kitchen. was not disappointed!!
    it’s cozy and charming, just as i would expect… love the poster.
    hope your thanksgiving day was simply as wonderful as this luscious blog is!
    tammy j

  2. Still Served Warm / Feb 19 2012 4:19 pm

    Great pictures!
    We linked your post to ours at
    Stop by!


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