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November 17, 2011 / Linda Hartong


When we move into our Carmel cottage, we bring most of the furniture out from Kansas City. The first purchase I actually make in Carmel is from a little accessories shop called Forget-Me-Nots. I find a blue and white plate rack 

to hang in my kitchen with my blue ware collection. I love it!

Over the years, I try again and again to find the little shop and decide it is out of business. Au contraire. 

I am exploring the Jordan Center on 6th and Mission Street 

and much to my delight see the familiar sign

over the door of a large shop. 

Two buildings and four floors house Shirley Jensen’s collection of one of a kind furniture and accessories for the home and garden. She has been in this location for  8 years and in Carmel for 25 years. 

Shirley is a petite dynamo as she zips around from one customer to another.

I ask if I may take photos and and she consents.  

The main floor of the first building is a lovely potpourri of funiture, books, china, glass, and paintings. 

I love the distressed piece in the door.

 I find antique wicker,

french bolsters and a sea shell chandelier.

 Three geese are putting their best foot forward.

 I am now ready to start up the stairs.


I pause on the first landing 

to admire the blue and white checked chair and  


browse the books. 

I read “ A Thousand Days in Tuscany” and loved it.

I leave that level

and reach the next landing with this feminine collection.

 The top level announces I am now in Paris!!

 There is a large assortment of ribbons up here

 and some wonderful clothes hangers covered in ribbon.

Now I am ready for the second building right next door.

More unique pieces of furniture

 and this glorious bed laden with pillows 

glows in the late afternoon light. I move carefully through the rooms. Look at the darling parasol.

 This little chair

 and one in the next room are quite petite.

 I sigh with pleasure when my feet actually touch the floor. 

More sumptuous European linens

I covet the silver teapot atop the stacked books.

On my way out, I pass Shirley working in her office to the right behind a window.

Now she is deep in book work . She provides design services incorporating linens, rugs, paintings, and furniture from her ample collection. 

I am so glad I found her again!

Forget-Me-Nots is located on

6th and Mission Streets (tucked back into Jordan Plaza)

P.O. Box 7318

Carmel, CA. 93921



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  1. Linda Floyd / Nov 17 2011 3:56 am

    One of my favorite shops in town! Shirley is such a wonderful ambassador for all things French, as well as being a great hostess to all who grace her doorstep.
    Aren’t we lucky to have this charming little shop just around the corner!

    Linda Floyd
    Biddlestone Cottage, Carmel-by-the-Sea

  2. janet bishop- magina / Nov 17 2011 12:50 pm

    OMG how did I miss this? Actually, I managed to miss most everything I had set out to see because I was so giddy to be there 🙂

  3. tammy j / Nov 17 2011 11:27 pm

    i just want to thank you!
    i have spent the better part of this day walking with you
    thru your archives in carmel by the sea.
    i’m so thrilled that i found you and hope you continue
    forever! even after you’ve photographed everything!
    i would want you to start all over!
    i know it’s work, albeit pleasant work. and just want you
    to know you are appreciated.
    tammy j

  4. Ruth Malone / Nov 18 2011 5:54 pm

    I too enjoyed this walk through Carmel with you. I usually don’t leave a comment but I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful style of writing that makes me very comfortable and just like I am with an old friend on vacation in Carmel when I read your blog! I really do enjoy reading and looking at your beautiful pictures and one day hope to visit the beautiful Carmel by the Sea!!


  5. Jacqui / Nov 21 2011 2:48 pm

    What a delightful post! I love travelling with you on your blog!

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