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September 25, 2011 / Linda Hartong


I am walking up from the beach one afternoon and diverge from my usual route. As I come up 7th Street I see this interesting home.

The angle I first photograph, is this one of the side door of Seventh Heaven.

As I push my camera through the fence, I see a ghostly figure in an artists smock entering the door. He is muttering something about “people who have no respect for the privacy of others”.

How delightful. I return often after that, hoping to catch another glimpse of this character carrying some woodworking tools and a block of wood.

Finally I resign myself to taking photos of the rest of this unusual English Country style home. The handsome iron fence does its job and I limit myself to pointing my camera around through its openings and getting some shots.

The paved front yard is used as a patio.

One day while perusing the Pine Cone, I see that Seventh Heaven is for sale and visit the website. The interior shots are screen shots taken from that site and I look for window placement to see if I can guess what is behind the walls.

This bedroom

is behind the upstairs window

along with this room

and a bath.

Behind the handsome bay window

is a formal living room

and spacious kitchen and dining area.

The website notes that the laundry room has a good set up for washing dogs- always good when you are so close to the beach.

Back outside I pan the front exterior noting the handsome front door

and  window under the low eves.

The exterior has stone, stucco and wood.

Still my favorite part is this west wing.

I check the website again for a look at the interior.

Odd choices for a ghost – but then what do I know.

A backward glance at my favorite door and I am on up the hill toward home.

Later, looking through Kent Seavey’s book “Carmel A History In Architecture”, I realize I have seen this house in his book.

Pedro Lemos designed and had Palo Alto Contactor Louis Anderson build this home as his Carmel Art Studio in 1926. Lemos was a business owner and first president of the Carmel Art Association. He is considered one of the most influential of the Bay Area’s ”craftsmen era” artists and educators.  Lemos’ primary legacy, regarded today by many collectors, is represented through the exceptional quality of his color block prints, which he produced in limited numbers, circa 1915-1925. He is recognized as an important artist and educator of the applied arts and design in numerous mediums, and also as an architectural designer, writer,  publisher, painter, and printmaker. I see that his work is sold by the Trotter Gallery in Carmel.

I include some examples of his work.

What do you know, the ghost was really the ghost of Pedro Lemos. The door he entered is the door to the original Lemos home.

7th Heaven is located at 7th 2 SW Casanova, Carmel. The ask for this 3 Bed/ 2.5 Bath home is $2,400,000. If you have time, visit the website and take a great virtual tour.



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  1. Carolyn / Sep 25 2011 10:54 pm

    The owners did an excellent job of integrating the new with the old. I wonder when the addition was built? Looks like they must have refurbished the original structure at the same time – it seems to be in very good condition. Love the quaint charm so characteristic of Carmel. I would enjoy ‘working’ at that desk with the view over the treetops. I love corner windows that really open up the view to the outside (seen in the master bedroom as well). Love the Lemos block prints. I wonder if there are any displayed in the home? It would be nice to reflect some of the history of the cottage inside. And, as always, those wonderful old trees so close to the house make it seem like it’s been there forever. Thanks for all the great tours in Carmel.

  2. kathysue / Sep 25 2011 11:45 pm

    This is so fascinating!! You are showing us so many interesting hideaways and homes, thank you for doing such a great job!! Kathysue

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