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August 6, 2011 / Linda Hartong


The third week in August is a festive time on the Monterey Peninsula as car lovers from all over the world meet for ten days of vintage races, auto shows, auctions, rallies and private parties.

My husband restores and has raced vintage cars so we see many old friends during this week.

Carmel loves vintage cars and we see them all year round.

But during this week it is routine to see the Bat-mobile casually parked on the street.

Unique cars park in front of the Cypress Inn while owners chat.

The premiere event for many is the Concours D’Elegance at Pebble Beach.

We buy tickets and decide to try to walk from our house the first year we live in Carmel. Hats are very popular at this event so we grab our hats and start out. Most of the walk is safe. We take our chances on a short stretch of the Seventeen Mile Drive and then duck off on a dirt side road that leads up to the golf course. The course closes to golfers this day and we soak up the lovely views on our way to the event tents.

Bill has a difficult time moving me past my many photo ops. On one side the Pacific and on the other the mansions of Pebble Beach.

Once there, Bill takes in all the details of the cars .

I realize I enjoy viewing these cars as sculpture and like the “parts” as much as the “whole”.

I love to people and dog watch. Classical music wafts on the cool Pacific breeze along with laughter and the clink of glasses. People picnic on the grass beside their cars.

Many who show their cars, dress in vintage clothing.

The auto companies show “concept cars” at this event. Bill and I lunch overlooking the action.

A little more viewing

and we walk home ,

stopping at the Cottage

for an ice cream sundae before we crash. We are home long before the action is over and from the front porch can hear the announcers and the crowd clapping and cheering. Somewhere at Pebble Beach, Jay Leno is either receiving or handing out a trophy.


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  1. miranda / Aug 9 2011 6:36 am

    Wow! Great pictures!
    Linda, your beautiful blog has inspired me to come Carmel, as often as possible this summer.
    I will be there again tomorrow. I fell in love with Carmel 31 years ago and for many years it was my home away from home. Thank you for reminding me where peace could be found again.
    Enjoy the car show.
    SF Bay Area

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