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August 3, 2011 / Linda Hartong


The first time I am here it is  to meet Gale Wrausman and take her walking tour. We walk through this entrance to meet.

The Pine Inn has long been the social center of Carmel.

The Carmel Missionary Society, now the All Saints Episcopal Church, held their services at the Inn while they raised funds for the new church across the street. Shakespeare and poetry readings were held every month, and the sun parlor became the place to sit and discuss the events of the day.

So I guess it is natural for Gale to gather her group here. But today I am here to take photos so I can share this court with you.

The court did not exist until 1941 when the Inn was remodeled and added 12 stores.

There are  two little passage ways into the court.

The first is just to the east of the Ocean St. Entrance to the Hotel.

 I climb the brick staircase, stopping to window shop at Robert Cordy Antiques.

He specializes in English country furniture and paintings and has an amazing collection of antique corkscrews.

Ahead I see the garden dining room created by still another of the Inn’s remodels.

From the other entrance I get a shot of  it enclosed beneath its’ unique glass dome that rolls back to reveal sunny days and starfilled nights.

I buzz in to check out the pastries and coffee.

This round table is often filled with people and spread with newspapers from all over the world. It is a favorite place to have coffee and start the day.

After I leave, I stroll past my favorite windows ,those of Pierre Deux.

When we first bought our Carmel home, I wanted to furnish it from this store. That was before I saw the price tags. Now I visit the store often and treat it as an art museum.

 The most recent owner of the Inn who purchased it in 1986 added a country French ambiance. The rooms are  now adorned with the French fabrics of Pierre Deux.

He can  afford it. Reluctantly, I tear myself away from the windows

And pass the second passageway into the court.

Then I start out the east exit passing Southern Latitudes Wines.

Later I read rave reviews of this little shop.

“Southern Latitudes Wines is often overlooked.It is a sublime place in the heart of Carmel to purchase fine wines. It is the perfect place to find picnic wines or ones to accompany fine dining. The proprietress let you browse or if you wish, guide you to special wines, according to your likes.  They are very good at listening to your preferences and respecting your budget. They offer extensive wine tasting, with generous pours and you are welcome to bring your canine companion. One of the highlights is Max, their 15-year young beagle who sleeps in the bay window or more often, marches around the tasting rooms persuading visitors to share their crackers.”

And blah, blah, blah , more  reviews of the same tone. Obviously we have missed a wonderful spot.

I take right turn out of the court and pass Fourtane Estate Jewelers. A golden Lab regards me from her sunny spot.

I hear the owners recently acquired two Golden Lab puppies and Mrs. Fourtane has her hands full.

Then I make one last stop in Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. This turns out to be a big mistake. I forget to ask permission to photograph and am tossed out after getting these shots.

Perhaps a little stop at Southern Latitudes will cheer me up. I will share a cracker with Max.


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  1. kathysue / Aug 4 2011 3:29 pm

    Linda, I love strolling the special little places in Carmel. I have been down this pathway many,many times. I also have dined at the Pine Inn!! What a magical and wonderful place that you get to call HOME!!! Enjoy it for me too!! Kathysue
    PS Thank you soooo much for your beyond kind words on my interview over at Tina’s blog, You really made me feel special, KS

  2. miranda / Aug 5 2011 7:45 am

    Linda, I had dinner tonight at Patisserie Boissiere (salmon in parchment – my favorite) and was sadden to read in the Carmel Pine Cone, that Pierre Deux has closed due to bankruptcy 😦
    I couldn’t accord much of their furniture, but I did love looking.
    I finished my wonderful evening with a long walk on Scenic Drive. I hope you are in town and enjoying this great evening too.
    As always, love your blog so much.
    SF Bay Area

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