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July 31, 2011 / Linda Hartong


When we first came to Carmel, I had practiced Hatha Yoga for several years.

While reading the Pine Cone ( Carmel’s weekly paper), I see information on The Yoga Center – and guess what? It is close enough for me to walk to.

I find the Center in its own little cottage

on the campus of the Sunset Center for the Performing Arts and pick up a schedule and brochure from the box on the door.

Chanting flows from the partly open window so I step into the hall way.

The class room door is closed and I resolve to come back.

The next day , clad in my leotard and Birkenstocks, I stroll to class. Everyone is arriving.

There are as many men as women and all ages. One woman  brings produce from her garden and lays it out for the others to take.

They hang up their jacket , line up their shoes and gather a mat and equipment. Many students are regulars but there are always one or two drop-ins. I fill out my form and pay my fee.

 The studio is one large room. There is a fireplace on the north wall. Windows make up much of the east and south walls.

Today they are open to the light breeze and the sound of birdsong.  Sunlight floods the room.

What a lovely space.

Our teacher  is Marvin Goldstein.

When he is not teaching Yoga, he is practicing Chiropractic medicine. Although this is a beginner’s class, we are not all beginners. Marvin is very patient and is a stickler for correct form . This is great for me. I have less chance of hurting myself by trying to overachieve. He helps us with the differing levels of difficulty.

There are 10 or more instructors listed with this school and I vow to try a class from each of them.

The next time , my teacher is Kathleen Keatinge Karachale .

She is the director/owner of the center and teaches newcomer classes. I leave class feeling wonderful  – relaxed and centered.

I love the philosophy of this Center ” along with your mat bring your sense of humor, fun and childlike curiosity and leave self-criticism outside with your shoes”.

Much as this gull has done while experimenting with “tree-pose for gulls”.

The Center also sponsors workshops and teacher training.

Visit their website at  Yoga Center of Carmel

They are in the Sunset Cultural Center, Cottage # 18


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  1. jeanette sclar / Jul 31 2011 2:25 pm

    You have given me a new goal for Ozzie – Doga! I must get the book and begin training! Namaste!

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