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July 13, 2011 / Linda Hartong


When Herbert Heron commissioned the Seven Arts Building, he also included a courtyard and his own apartment above his book shop. I love this little courtyard. I find some old photos that show the court was once enclosed by waist-high walls with a small opening. That made it more private. But today the walls are gone and I step off Lincoln St. and into the court.

Looking to the east is the doorway that once led to Mr. Heron’s apartment.

It is now the entrance to The Carmel Pipe Shop. The bay window display is quaint

and the signage appropriate.

The proprietor is Mr. Dick Hardin, just the second owner of the shop. He has been in residence for over 30 years and loves to tell stories about Carmel almost as much as he loves to sell pipes, tobacco tins and blends and cigars.

This shop is a whopping 12 by 15 feet in size.

Looking to the west is a dutch door set into the thick stucco wall.

I think the light fixture above it is a treasure.

In the center is a six-sided wishing well .

The fountain is gurgling away.

The plantings are luxurious and well cared for. In the spring the cascading wisteria is breath-taking.

Look up toward the balcony to see this decorative down-spout.

Climb the stairs to visit

Robert Frank Littell Architect

Office Telephone Number: (831) 625-5582

Cell Number: (831) 601-2353

Fax Number: (831) 625-9882


He offers full design services including remodeling . I visit his website and find some lovely examples of his work.

The corner shop with the open dutch door

and the planter beneath its sign

is B. Real Women’s Apparel .

They boast “real fashion for real women at real prices”.

Two large display windows change with the seasons

and you can get a good look over the open door before you go in.

The Seven Arts Building and Court was designed by Clay Otto and built by Percy Parkes. Its decorators were landscape painter George Seideneck and his wife, Catherine Comstock- Hugh Comstock’s sister.  This is another of Carmel’s many charming spots.


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  1. janet bishop- magina / Jul 13 2011 2:10 pm


    Thanks for your “auto reply”. The freebies sound great, but alas we won’t be there in August. The PB Concours is a bit out of our league, but I know we will find many delightful things to do including wandering the courtyards and eating Sand Dabs!


  2. jeanette sclar / Jul 14 2011 1:12 am

    I have to admit, I am a real woman if “real” is code for what I think it is. sigh….

  3. Albert W Coats / Dec 22 2017 10:03 pm

    The architect of this building is Albert B. Coats

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