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May 25, 2011 / Linda Hartong

“Painting has always been my passion. Now it is my profession.”- The Art of Kathy Sharpe

I am still determined to explore those “secret ” passageways on my Carmel map.

Just past Em Lee’s restaurant, I enter Pantiles Court.

At first I am disappointed. It looks a little unloved. And then I see an eye-catching sign and window display.

The door is open and two women sit at a large table engrossed in conversation. The room as high ceilings, good light and a wonderful fireplace. But it is the brilliantly colored art that stops me in my tracks. I love color, still life paintings and whimsy. This art is all the above. I ask if I can take a photo from the door and receive a warm welcome to come in.

An hour later, I am a big fan of Kathy Sharpe both as a person and an artist. She has just rented this space in Carmel from which to teach art

and sell her paintings,

needlepoint canvases,

silk scarves

and note cards.

I set my heart on this wonderful piece entitled “Blue and White on Red”. It is an oil on a linen canvas finished with varnish to bring out the color and depth.

 Although out of my price range now it is worth saving up for. I have the perfect room for it in my Kansas City home. The room is painted in a soft apple green tones, very understated and just waiting for the “punch” of Kathy’s art.  She shows me around the shop. The oriental carpets are from her home .  As I am leaving, she impulsively runs out and gives me a notecard of my favorite piece.  It is only when I am back in Kansas City that I “google” her and find this artist’s statement.

“Painting has always been my passion. Now it is my profession. I grew up north of Chicago in an area where the emphasis was on culture as well as education. Many of my friends’ parents were from Europe as were mine — my father from Vienna and my mother from Bavaria. My grandfather was a costume designer for the Vienna opera, and my three sisters were talented in drama, painting, drawing and sewing.

I served as the liaison between my grammar school and the Chicago Art Institute, choosing an art work for the school to study each month. Studying art, painting and design goes as far back as my memory can reach.

Today I am inspired by nature and especially landscapes.

I love pure color and use whimsy whenever possible.

I have worked extensively in pastel and oil. I particularly enjoy creating depth with many layers of oil on linen canvas, then finishing the process with varnish to bring out color and depth.

I also work in watercolor. It is a medium that I taught myself of necessity. In 1990 my husband won the honor of a Nobel Prize in Economics, thus we have traveled extensively and continue to do so. Watercolor has allowed me to paint while away from home.

I am the mother of a grown son and daughter, stepmother of the same, a grandmother, and owner of a wonderful Bichon Frise’ named “Cloud Monet”.”

Kathy Sharpe.

Today I receive an invitation from Kathy to her gala opening of the KATHY SHARPE STUDIO AND GALLERY on Saturday, June,4th from 4-8pm. I sadly RSVP that I will not be in Carmel on that date, but if you are , take time to explore her shop.

You can also visit her website Kathy Sharpe Studio and Gallery 

She is located on Dolores between 5th and 6th. 831-620-1490. Kathy’s work is shown in other galleries and is popular with collectors both nationally and internationally.



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  1. janet bishop- magina / May 25 2011 12:52 pm

    I love your choice of artwork; someday it will be a stunning addition to your home.

  2. kathysue / May 26 2011 1:09 am

    Omgosh, when she said:
    I love pure color and use whimsy whenever possible.

    I thought to myself I think you just found the artist for me. I am in love with every single painting You have shown. Next time I go to Carmel I will be sure and stop in and visit her gallery. Amazing use of color, the depth is amazing and the clarity. I took pause at each piece. Thank you so much for telling me about her, Kathysue

  3. jeanette sclar / May 27 2011 4:12 am

    There is no end to the treasures you find!

  4. Glory Condon / Nov 22 2011 8:23 am

    Hi Kathy,I had the opportunity of viewing your lovely home on the house tour,I admire your painting,and Santa looked right at home,waiting for some lucky children to visit him.

    The world of art has always been facinating to me,I enjoy it in other areas,I have taken water color painting and enjoyed it.Also,have had my work at the different shops in town with my pressed flower and herb cards.We live out in Carmel Valley,beautiful,on a ranch.Would enjoy showing you someday
    our paradise.Thank you for sharing your beautiful home to so many women just two weeks ago.
    Glory Condon

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