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April 27, 2011 / Linda Hartong


We have finished dinner and are feeling righteous because we refused dessert. Patting ourselves on the back , we start our walk home. As we cross Ocean Avenue at Lincoln St., we both tilt to the right and The Cottage of Sweets.

Never have I seen this little store empty. This cottage has lived many lives. It was first called The Carmel Weavers Studio and was built in 1922 by Lee Gottfried to house a group of local weavers. When Ted Kuster built the Court of the Golden Bough Theater, it was rolled down Ocean Ave. on logs  and became the ticket office for the theater. I can see the ticket windows; now on the back side.

Next it would become a dress shop.

But the best was yet to come when Wally Cullomore, a man from Canada, decided Carmel needed a Sweet Shop. THANK YOU WALLY!”

It opened in 1959 and has had many owners. It is currently owned by Ken and Ruth Ostrich,Carmel residents.

Bill is already in side making his choices. But I always love to look into the window beneath the stripped awning. The candy machines are there. The window box is  neatly planted with pink and red cyclamen. 

Oh man, I can see him in there. He already has 3 little white bags filled with his favorites. He loves the licorice.

One year I ordered an assortment shipped to me and gave it to him for Christmas. 

The choices are mind-boggling.

If you take  a child in, don’t expect a quick decision. This trip is right before Easter and the bunny should get his candy here. They even have those panoramic eggs I so loved as a little girl.

But I am headed toward the fudge.

Fudge with nuts,and fudge with swirls.

Toffe, fruit dipped in chocolate, gummy bears, gum drops. And it all smells so good.

This sign over this counter says that  each sniff contains 5 calories. Yikes, I am already over my limit.

We make our purchases and leave the store. Bill has more self-control than I do. He can always wait until we get home before he opens his bag. I open mine immediately and let bites of fudge melt in my mouth all the way home.  This is a store not to missed. It is on the south side of Ocean Ave. , just west of Lincoln St. In The Court of the Golden Bough. I dare you to go in and not buy anything.


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  1. karen / Apr 27 2011 3:21 pm

    Licorice is good for digestion! Occasional self-indulgence is good for the soul! Hooray for sweets!

  2. Dusti / Apr 27 2011 5:27 pm

    Oh yes, we love House of Sweets! We always stop here while in Carmel!

  3. Linda Hartong / Apr 27 2011 7:05 pm

    And yes licorice is very good for the digestion and much tastier than tums.

  4. Kathysue / Apr 27 2011 9:02 pm

    Linda, I have walked by this shop many times and i have never gone in. Next visit I am going in and getting some of that fudge, Oh my!!! Thank you for doing this post. I am enjoying seeing Carmel through your eyes. You live in the most beautiful spot in Calif. You are one lucky lady!! Kathysue

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