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April 25, 2011 / Linda Hartong

Hugh Comstock’s Honeymoon Cottage

Still following the meter reader, I huff and puff my way up 6th Avenue. Honeymoon Cottage is about 1/2 block up on 6th Avenue. In 1928 an eastern investor named W.O.Swain convinced Carmel City Council to let him buy and develop a small 5 unit subdivision around a shared garden.

These 5 houses form the highest concentration of Comstock fairy tale cottages left in Carmel. I did notice what looked like a path veering off from the street right before I got to the house. Next visit I will chance a walk up the path. It sounds like “The Woods”, The Doll House”, “Fables”, “The Birthday House”, and “Honeymoon Cottage”once shared a back yard.

Hugh Comstock obtained his building permit for this cottage on May 21, 1928. When completed it sold for the sum of $ 3,123.00. As the name implies, this Comstock was used throughout the years as a honeymoon cottage, but it has had several owners.

One owner painted it yellow and named it” Yellow Bird”.

I love the name plaque with the ivy . Placed on the trim it looks like a gift wrapped house complete with ribbon and a bow.

Hugh painted most of his homes grey with olive trim. Honeymoon and Hansel both seem to have opted for white with blue-green trim.

A beautiful new 4 foot fence surrounds the property.

Many Comstock homes are getting improvement and repairs -after all this house is 83 years old.

The landscapers are busy mowing and trimming. I stand on my tip toes and point the camera over the fence.

I love the little door someone has place between the cottage and the detached garage.

The New Zealand Tea Tree is in bloom around the Carmel Stone patio. It is a study in soft pastels – green, white and pink- with a bowl of pansies and sweet alyssum placed on the table. Those old live oak trees provide the shade.

I back away before the owners bring out their morning coffee, put down the cushions on the chairs and enjoy the morning sun.


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  1. jeanette sclar / Apr 25 2011 5:21 am

    Those meter readers have a merciless pace! I can’t wait to see what has become of the “shared garden”.

  2. janet bishop- magina / Apr 25 2011 12:33 pm

    Ahhh….so jealous that you get to wander around Carmel and take such lovely pictures.


    “Living Vicariously in the Bay State”

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