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April 20, 2011 / Linda Hartong

The Sea Otter Classic- 2011




My husband is an avid cyclist. Perhaps you have seen him holding up traffic as he pedals along Scenic Ave. in Carmel. He also loves to ride the long stretch of recreational trail along the Pacific. We keep two bikes in our Carmel garage.






So he also loves the Sea Otter Classic,


an annual cycling festival just outside of Monterey.


This year almost 330 vendors exhibit their bikes,

wheels and tires


and cranks and gears

in a colorful expo at Laguna Seca.

Bill has raced his vintage car on this race track so it is great fun to watch cyclists racing around the same track.

Both this year and last, I see men, women and children of all ages taking part. Individuals and teams participate. There are Mountain Bike and Road Bike races as well as the Gran Fondo (“Great Endurance”) mass participation riding event that was  introduced last year. It is an event, not a race.( Try telling that to the riders.) There were 3 such events of differing miles.

We participated in one such ride in NYC called “Bike the Boroughs”. 30,000 of our best friends rode with us.

When not riding or shopping, you can wash your bike at Pedro’s bike wash station

or perhaps catch some air courtesy of the Big Air Bag.

Team mechanics work away, This woman mechanic poses for the blog.

Women riders are catered to a lot this year with their own clinics, rides, and seminars.

Kids are everywhere racing

and using the bike play zone

or the carnival.

And the food….

And of course the ever present photographer with the big lens. This guy even carried a chair along with him and stood on it to get his shots.

I was content with my “point and shoot”.

My favorite bike at this event is the Renovo Hardwood Bicycle. It is custom made from laminated Bamboo. It is a work of art as well as transportation.


I lobby for an electric- assist bike so I can keep up with Bill. They are all the rage in Japan. I get little encouragement from my husband.

If you are a cyclist, check it out next year. It is a wonderfully run and organized event.


There was even a medic tent.


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  1. jeanette sclar / Apr 21 2011 5:04 am

    Fantastic photos! Love the petals and tires!

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