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April 3, 2011 / Linda Hartong


Gardens are a form of autobiography.  ~Sydney Eddison, Horticulture

magazine, August/September 1993


First we tackled that awful yellow garage door and later our driveway. Because we are so close to Ocean Ave. We often found strange cars happily parked in the drive.  We put up a PRIVATE DRIVE sign. You can imagine how little that helped.

The garage is detached and we are still trying to think of a creative way to use that wasted space between the garage and bedroom. For the time being it is framed by an arbor. The little tree to the right is grafted and produces both lemons and limes.


We proceeded very slowly on the patio.  Our plastic furniture was replaced with a handsome teak table and chairs from a local store and the umbrella provided a roof extending from the house almost to the fence.




We finally tore up the concrete and replaced it with pavers. For some reason our fence was placed well within the lot line and so we claimed our little extra bit of yard and now have a flower bed along the side.


Now I was able to create my little spot under the Mayten Tree. It is just large enough for two and provides a view of the front and side yards.













My Agapanthus, sage, bacopa, begonias and tree-fern are thriving.

The back yard remains a blank slate.



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  1. Nita@ModVintageLife / Apr 3 2011 6:16 pm

    How beautiful your back patio is. I love all the flowers and vegetation. Oh…I dream of mine being this attractive one day.

  2. Sandy Mansfield / Apr 4 2011 12:54 am

    Linda, you have turned this little space into a charming oasis.
    It’s quiet and peaceful and surrounded by flowers – what a wonderful spot to relax!

  3. jeanette sclar / Apr 5 2011 12:39 am

    Absolutely glorious garden!!!! With agapanthus, which I love so much that I carried huge concrete pots of it into the garage for 3 winters before I came to my senses and decided to admire it in its own climate!
    And if my garden is a form of autobiography, it says, “She started out with much enthusiasm and no knowledge. Now she has knowledge and no energy.”

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